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Harwich is one of the Haven ports, located on the coast of the North Sea to the east.  Clacton on Sea is to the south (15 miles/24 kms), Colchester is to the southwest (20 miles/ 32 kms), and Ipswich to the northwest (30 miles/48 kms).  Felixstowe is just across the Stour estuary and there is a foot ferry that takes 15 minutes but by road it is 32 miles/51 kms.
Harwich is highly regarded for its architectural heritage, and most of the older part of the town is a conservation area and contains an abundance of historic buildings.   Of interest are the High Lighthouse (1818), the Treadmill Crane (17th century) and  the Electric Palace Cinema (1911), one of the oldest purpose-built cinemas to survive complete with its original projection room and ornamental frontage still intact and operations.  The Maritime Heritage Trail around the old town tells of its historic connections to the sea.
The Royal Navy is no longer present but Harwich International Port continues to offer regular ferry service to the Hook of Holland in the Netherlands and Esbjerg in Denmark. 

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